Hello SQL World…

This my first blog post ever. Now, it is the only post on this page, but I hope it will change soon.

I work with Microsoft SQL Server for few years already and I really enjoy it. I was going to create my own SQL Server related blog for a long time. I wanted to have a place where I could share my database knowledge and experience. Last year I read about #SQLNewBlogger challenge. I thought it is something exactly for me. That was very motivating, so I bought this domain already one year ago and… that’s it. Since then I didn’t wrote a single post. It’s not so easy to start writing. I can even say it is much harder than I was thinking. But enough! It is the time to stop being so lazy. Starting from now I will try to write posts regularly. It’s some kind of new adventure for me. Wish me determination… and a little bit of good luck.


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